Luxury Town Home – For a Man and His Dog


Defining Comfort

What does comfort look like? To a sophisticated urban bachelor who divides his time between the worlds of finance, international travel, and outdoor adventuring, comfort looks like a home that reflects his luxurious tastes while being squarely focused on relaxation and refuge.

What does style look like?

It's a space where he can be surrounded by antiques collected during his world travels but where the dog is still welcome on the sofa, a careful mix of hearty materials and luxury details.  It's a home that reflects his lifestyle and his personality.

"This is where Joe can be Joe."


Grab the Fall edition of Modern Luxury Interiors for a close-up tour of this Streeterville townhome designed by Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group.

Stay tuned for another great piece of press on a Deb Reinhart project, from the clients needs, the designers challenge to the finish product!

Lane Taylor