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Hinsdale Townhome Midcentury


Our client-a retired executive lives in a 3 story town home in Hinsdale. His request was to update his residence retaining the character of the town home, yet change the living area of the space to better accommodate this life stage, We were asked to freshen the home, not gut and rehab. Lastly, as an award winning creative professional himself, he had definite opinions on style and gave his input in the styling of each room.


The home was furnished in traditional furnishings-with dark dull colors. There was no cohesive theme in the home design. With his new lifestyle, the client had a new interest in painting and was located in an unfinished dimly lit basement. His home office had left over furnishings.


Our goal was to design a highly personalized home. We used contemporary furnishings with a MID Century slant-homage to the 60’s character of the original town home. Masculine furnishings with layered artifacts, created a home suited to a new life stage. We started the process with space planning new areas in the home.

Art studio- With terrific natural light

  • This was one of the most fun parts of the project and was also one of the most simple. Painting was a hobby important to him, so we repurposed a guest bedroom with terrific natural light sparsely furnished yet functional to create. The oiled wood floor was specified as it is easy to repair and clean with the finish solution.

  • We tinted the windows to eliminate uncomfortable glare

  • We provided a cork board for work in progress

  • Woven wood blinds operating on a remote control-provided privacy at night

Family room

  • He lives with the ‘girls’-2 delightful small dogs, who joyously perched every where.                                       To accommodate their free spirit, we upholstered the family room in indoor out door luxury fabric. The ottoman was in faux leather.

  • The bookcase and wood railings were retained to keep the 60's spirit on the mid century modern architecture.

  • We included 2 contemporary styled recliners -one for reading and one for the TV area.

  • After selecting carpet and furnishings, our focus was to personalize the space.

  • The custom art is dedicated to his 2 passions, luxury fast cars and travel.

Study and home office

  • A study off the foyer was repurposed into a home office. Custom millwork replaced a closet. Memorabilia and storage made the area seamless and highly functional.

  • An indoor out door sisal rug-was practical yet elegant

  • The client had wonderful taste in art; we centered the home office to highlight his over-scaled art work.