Our client asked us to create an unexpected yet inviting atmosphere that reflects the owner’s ethnic heritage, and a living space that provides comfort, functionality, and the durability to stand up to frequent use from international guests and college students. This family of four travels internationally – for work or for pleasure much of the year. Where do you go to relax, when international travel is your main activity? They purchased a lakefront condo on the 6th floor overlooking the Oak Street beach on Lake Shore Drive, next door to their main residence. This two bedroom condo - with dynamic views - was where this couple could get away — without going away.

Our Instructions

  • They wanted comfort, along with contemporary furnishings and items which celebrate their Indian heritage.

  • We were to create a luxury look, highlighting the wall to wall window views of the lake and Navy Pier but the unit was to be low maintenance.


Our solution was to define a disciplined space planning to create an intimate, highly functional great room. This was not the first project for this family, so we knew their love of color would be prime criteria. We used solution-dyed fabric feels like velvet, yet offers excellent durability. Bright, rich color palette complements Asian antiques for an evolved look. Motorized shades optimize the dramatic Lake Michigan view, yet protect the vivid colors. Kitchen interior design seamlessly extends the great room with quality finishes and fixtures. Custom millwork and state-of-the art lighting — punctuated with crystal chandeliers — offer both character and function. We specified fixtures to illuminate the halls in place of the can lights which are usually set in concrete walls. The design of each room was based on an Odegard rug each with a unique pattern and color theme.

  • In the living room, the pimento sectional popped on the sky blue rug; we painted the walls a metallic glaze blue, which mirrored the reflection from the water. The copper chair was made more comfortable with the Clarence House fabric on the cushions.

  • The Odegard dining table, made of polished imported marble, anchored the great room and was complimented by a crystal chandelier designed as a branch.

  • Hammered silver is a popular finish in India, so our accent items included a hammered silver end table with semi precious stones on the top and a hammered silver metal mirror overlooking the dining table.

  • Our favorite addition to the home was Ann Sachs marble mosaic on the kitchen backsplash.

  • The star like pattern was made from semi precious stones in a rainbow of colors. Visible from the great room and dining room, it is an aesthetic anchor for the home.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 18.19.13.png

Client Testimonial

"Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group is very committed to making sure their clients are happy and at that same time to achieving a result that lives up to her standards of excellence and high sense of design."