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A Personal Touch

"Deb Reinhart is our favorite designer. She has worked on three projects with us and we are enjoying the beauty of our homes which has been created by her use of design, color and fabric. Deb creates designs that have a timeless elegance that reflect the sensibilities and passions of her clients. She works very hard with her team and other contractors to deliver on time and is always open to changes and suggestions by her clients. It is always a collaboration between the client and deb and she listens to her clients. All three projects with us are very different and beautiful."   R.T.

A True Difference Maker

"Thank you for the wonderful holiday gift! If one would have asked me 6 months ago... "Will Deb make a difference?" I would have said... "Probably." Ask me today.. I will say - " WOW! What a huge help and difference!" - J.


Professional & Personable

"My company has worked with Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, Inc. since 2001. Together we have worked on many projects, from very large to quite simple, and we consider her to be one of our top Professional Partners. The first word that comes to mind when describing Deb Reinhart is integrity. It is that very quality that has kept our business and working relationship solid. She is tenacious when it comes to budgets and timing, tirelessly keeping every aspect of every project on track.

Her innate ability to read each client and understand them, who they are and what they project as a person, is simply amazing! Then, like an artist with a canvass, Deb will express their personality aesthetically throughout their surroundings in astounding and creative ways. Whether it's calm and neutral, or colorful and exciting, she always chooses just the right balance and elements to capture the essence of the clients and their environment. The consistent end result for her clientele is a resounding, "This is me, this is who I am, this is home!"

To be a part of this experience, and to be involved with this type of business savvy and successful creative, is what our company looks for in a Professional Partner. Consistent, honest, on time, on budget, and brilliant to work with in a team setting. Deb let's no detail get past her, and the outcome of each project is appropriate aesthetic brilliance. Anyone working with Deb Reinhart should feel confident that they're working with the best. Deb surrounds herself with true craftsmen and upstanding vendors, and she will always do what is best for her client." - Tim


Relational & Trustworthy

"Thank you once again for making our homes a peaceful, beautiful, and places of pride and joy. We will always treasure them as we treasure our long association and friendship with you." R.

Dedicated to YOUR Design

"Twenty-five years in the design business have made Deb Reinhart wise - almost guru-like. "The secret of interior design," she says, leaning forward intensely, "is to help the client find their taste within their architecture and the occupant's personality, the design can be healing." " - Chicago Social Magazine