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“Hot” Fireplace Designs!

As a designer, I get emails from vendors trying to sell me their wares on a daily basis.  Much of what I see are different versions of the same thing, but once in awhile something very special and unique comes through that I have to share.  Today, I received an email from Focus Contemporary Fireplaces showcasing their incredibly special and unique fireplaces.  Focus is the brainchild of Dominique Imbert, a French chef, ethnologist and literature professor turned sculptor and fireplace designer.  After many different career attempts, Imbert settled on designing these unique pieces after he created a fireplace for himself and quickly received commissions to create more.

I have seen tons of cool fireplaces that are made to look like art or that seem to defy gravity; but while they all use an electric or gas flame, many of these are actually wood burning!

Check out the wonderful images of these amazing fireplaces.

This fireplace was Imbert's original design, created in 1968. It is wood burning (with a gas option) and is designed to swivel 360 degrees so it can be seen from any vantage point in the room.