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Hot New Trends in Bathroom Design

This past week we had the privilege of attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.  It was great to see the hot new trends in plumbing, tile and cabinetry.  We saw everything from 3D tiles from Ann Sacks, to amazing new quartz products from Cambria.

Cool 3D tiles from Ann Sacks

Cambria quartz slabs look like granite- some of the newest patterns now look so much like natural stone it is nearly impossible to tell they are man made!


A Private Throne

I have spent the last couple weeks comparing ancient man to modern man and referencing my trip to see the remains of the ancient world.  I have spoken about how we use many of the same products and design principals today as our ancestors did in ancient times.  One place where this is not so true… the bathroom.

While there were certainly private baths in the ancient world, many in the Roman empire (which incidentally was way ahead of other civilizations) used public bathrooms which usually required payed admission and were just that- public.  At Ephesus, I saw an area that had lines of squat toilets carved into a long stone bench with an ancient form of plumbing underneath- basically a big public port-o-potty!

Dozens of holes in a long bench fed to a trough underneath that fed into rivers. People would pay to use these public toilets, and while it is believed by Westerners that people sat on these toilets, they are actually squat toilets, still used by over half the world.

We have come a long way since then, and even in the last few years.  Manufacturers are now making toilets at seat height to make it more comfortable to sit on, are paying attention to the shape of the seat and are using air and water pressure to ensure everything stays clean and fresh.  Due to the recent water conservation legislation put into effect, manufacturers are being challenged to create toilets with maximum flush impact using less and less water and energy.  One very cool piece of technology is the dual flush toilet.  These toilets first showed up in public restrooms a few years ago but have been streamlined and made more attractive and appealing to a residential clientele.  It has two flush settings based on what you are flushing, and uses less water and energy when less is required.

You may have seen these toilets in public restrooms with the water saving handle. Luckily, this technology is available for residential use with attractive flushing mechanisms.

Although we have learned so much from our ancient counterparts, I am delighted this is one area where we continued to evolve and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Close-ups of the toilets at Ephesus. The hole in the front was so people could splash water to cleanse themselves after using the toilets, sort of like a primitive bidet.

This illustration from Kohler shows the technology of their new dual flush toilets.

Kohler's K-3654 Persuade Toilet with dual flush technology. Modern luxury and beauty with great new technology.

This painted room housed the latrine used by the Emperor of Rome, Nero. While painted with lovely colors and embellished, it still had no way of closing off the waste beneath the hole and was therefore a similar experience to having a private porto-potty!

The actual "toilet" area of Emperor Nero's bathroom

Bath Design Product: Whist Glass Sink by Kohler

Kohler recently revealed its new Whist Glass Sink.

Featuring serene colors and a concentric line pattern reminiscent of waves, this sink would be perfect not only for a spa-inspired bathroom, but in any bathroom where you want to add a touch of glamour and affordable luxury.

Aside from their aesthetic value, these sinks provide several wonderful features:

  • Painted back color conceals personal items within the vanity
  • Durable and easy to clean allowing for ease of care
  • Works well with most faucet styles and standard sizing fits most vanities
  • Available in 3 colorways; Dusk (a blue gray), Dew (a blue green) and Doe (a warm gray) or in an unpainted clear glass option
  • Affordable luxury ranging from $231-$301


Shown in the Doe and Dusk Colors

Kohler Thought Outside the Box with Toobi

At Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group we love giving you interior decorating tips & great products from the industry.

A new twist in interior decorating is Kohler’s Toobi faucet.  Who knew the inside of a pipe could be an opportunity to set a product apart from millions of other faucets?

Kohler’s Toobi new sleek contemporary faucet features lime green casing in the water portion of the faucet.

When you consider remodeling your bathroom, consider the INSIDE of your pluming!  The brightly colored interchangeable spout liners than can be easily swapped out to personalize your space.

This exciting product line includes options for:

  • Lavatory Faucet
  • Shower Head
  • Tub Filler

Subtle, this small color spot is like a warm hello in the AM when waking up to start the day or a gentle good night to retire.

It is fun, it is unexpected, it proves the color theory can brighten any area-in any circumstances.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling – Bigger Does not Have to be Better

This vanity which includes a sink, faucet and countertop is high style-very compact solution for the smallest of  bathrooms.


In the rehabbing of our clients homes, we often utilize odd areas for powder rooms. Converting a small space under stair wells, carving out a bathroom from a closet, or creating a powder room from a former mud room is often challenging space planning for the fixtures. Once the plumbing issues are solved [waste stack and water] ,this vanity would make a design statement which is unique as it is functional. Parietal is a sink-faucet and towel rack in a mere 17″ x 10″“ size.

Color pops each model red, blue,  lime, yellow, black and white.

Easy maintenance-high style and terrific impact for the compact remodeling of a small powder room, this item is a winner for decorating.

No More Avocado Appliances: Designer Tips for a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is one of the most complex projects in the Interior Design profession.  The statistic above 90% or 102% rings true, IF the design composition of the remodel is congruent with the home, space and is pleasing to view.

The amount of technical detail to accomplish the remodel or design is very extensive. Note some of the decisions:

Lakeshore Drive Condo Kitchen



  • GFI outlets are regulated by local code requirements.
  • Do you have enough power for the various new appliances?
  • Lighting: task, ambiance or reflective?
  • Decorative fixtures, ceiling cans or low voltage


  • Gas or electric?
  • The appliance packages can range from a few thousand up to $70,000
  • Critical to appliance choices—include the following criteria:

How do you cook? How do you entertain? How long will you live in this space?


  • How difficult is it to move water-or drains?
  • Do you need more than 1 sink? Pot fillers over the stove?


  • Maintenance – Tile is two times as hard as wood?
  • Alternative floors cork and bamboo are gaining popularity

Which trade is scheduled first? last?

streeterville Contemporary Master Bathroom

Streeterville Contemporary Bathroom


  • Are you remodeling in the same foot print?
  • Will you be  changing the wet items, the sewage stack is a critical consideration.
  • Light your face-not the top of your head.
  • Tile can range from $4-$5 a sq foot to $500 a square foot.
  • Finish schedule for your bathroom – choose colors and textures which you will  like in 2, 4 , 6  years?

Do you remember avocado appliances?

Deb’s tips:

  • Hire a professional—in selecting these expensive and permanent choices
  • Remember-the expense is not just a bathroom or kitchen –it is a home equity purchase.
  • Save the pop ideas-or trendy looks for transitional products—towels in the bath or tea kettle in kitchen
  • Classic installation in the kitchen and bath will pay for them selves.
  • The accents can then be traditional or contemporary.

Save money, invest in a professional who can stretch your dollars-eliminate mistakes AND improve the value of your home. An interior designer is your advocate and translator to accomplish a smooth remodel.

High-Rise City Beach House Kitchen

Streeterville Contemporary Bathroom

Streeterville Contemporary Bathroom