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Basement Design with Great Lighting

To add to our series on basements  today’s post from Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group is a focus on basement lighting.

One challanging aspect of a basement renovation can be the lighting.  This basement design got it right which was featured on Apartment Therapy New York!

In this West Village duplex basement it’s hard to believe that with all the light, you are actually in a basement.  “By using a mix of floor lamps, under-shelf and ledge lights and ceiling lamps. The light bounces around the space.”  Read the full article here.


Cottage Home: Basement Remodel: Set in Stone

One of current and favorite projects at Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group is a basement remodel of a cottage  home located in the North Chicago suburbs.

The first phase of the basement, featured on today’s blog, is a unique floor installation.

We have selected a charming pebble rock tile for half of the basement (kitchen, dining room & bathroom). The remainder of the basement is a beautiful gray epoxy concrete which can withstand the rigorous use of an active  young family.

To achieve the mix of color on the rock floor, we ordered 2 colors of river rock mounted on mesh backing which makes the installation achievable with the least amount labor.


Luckily we had plenty of help getting the job done!

The photo shown here shows our official “helpers”:)  River rock is being removed by the family children from the mesh backing and scattered into the taupe rock for the professionals to “set in stone”  the final color mix. Thanks to them for assisting us in a custom river rock basement floor!

Primary Pebble Tile

Gray Pebble Tile (Integrated into Taupe Pebble Tile)


The floor with integrated grey pebbles

Epoxy Concrete Floor












Pebble Floor Adjoining with Concrete Floors

This floor treatment allows us to meet code requirements of  ceiling height and protects the basement floor in the event of water damage.