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Celebrating Incredible Artistry

Last night I attended a party at the magnificent Waldorf Astoria Chicago hotel to showcase the incredible works of R&B Faux Studio, Inc.  The artists Renata and Bozena create magnificent faux finishes using cool textures, bold colors and great finishes.  Below are some pics of the party as well as some of my favorite boards. Enjoy!


This finish was created using different textures and building up patterns around various stencils and then doing a painted finish over the plasters.

This textures mimics that dotted effect of Shagreen (sting ray skin)

This one has a super smooth, shiny finish. It is best used for table tops or to create panels on a wall.

This finish is created using rows of tapes that are then plastered over with shimmering Venetian plaster. Reminiscent of capiz shells or mother of pearl. Gorgeous.

This one made us swoon. It has a chunky linen texture that was then painted in a stunning metallic silver and highlighted with a glaze treatment to give it some low-lights. Stunning.


The breathtaking lobby of the Waldorf! The sculptures are a bit bizarre, but just adds to the overall eclectic design.

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