Unique Individuals, Unique Spaces: 6th Floor City Beach House

"What does comfort look like?" To this jet-setting family, comfort looks like a place to get away without having to head to the airport again, a vacation home in their home town. Comfort was key; this needed to be place you could kick off your shoes after a long week but also luxurious enough to 'wow' out of town guests, and practical enough to stand up to teenage sleepovers.

TCW image


What does style look like?

With it's mix of elegant materials, fun pops of color, comfortable upholstered seating , this home reflects both the relaxed yet upscale atmosphere the homeowners desired.  Indian inspired art and accents reference the family's heritage.  It's a home that truly reflects who they are and how they live.


This project was featured in TCW magazine's June 2013 issue. Check out even more pics from this urban retreat here.