Lake Forest Showhouse Gardens

The Infant Welfare Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens are of the most prestigious showcases  in the country.  Patrons visit the showhouse every 2 years not only to tour the house but the gardens as well. The 2011 Lake Forest showhouse gardens at The Thorndale Manor  are just as impressive and impeccably designed as the interiors.  We hope these garden will inspire you for your spring planting.


Lake Forest Gardens 1

The  historic gardens at The Thorndale Manor were originally designed in 1918 by Jens Jensen.  Frank Lloyd Wright named Jensen "Nature's Poet" because of his use of indigenous plants, light & contrast.

This year 8 landscape designers worked together to revamp the Thorndale Manor Gardens. We encourage you to tour the showhouse to use these masterpieces as inspiration for your own back yard.

Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group can recommend a landscape designer for your own project.  Please contact us with any landscape, design or other questions we can help you with.