Interior Design Product of the Week

Natural light-sky lights by Velux. Velux introduces a skylight which gurantees no leak!

As we approach the dark winter months in much of the country; increasing the natural light in our homes can affect how we feel.  SAD - seasonal affected disorder, is a proven cause for depression and lethargy.  A skylight can offer more light than a window.  Positioning a skylight is key, however a southwest facing skylight can increase heat in the home, fade furnishings & cause glare for activity.

Choose the appropriate exposure for your home - and whether the skylight needs to open or not for ventilation.  Note: the warranty from this vendor will include installation instructions; use caution to follow the vendors recommendations to avoid voiding the warranty.

The no-leak skylight for fuss-free illumination by Velux.

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The "No-Leak" skylight. Designed by Velux.

Velux has created a guaranteed “No-Leak” skylight that takes the fear out of installing skylights. The “No-Leak” skylight has three layers of water protection as well low-e glass for better energy efficiency, light transmittance and solar heat gain. Velux offers a fixed skylight, a manually opening skylight and an electrically operating skylight depending on the need for ventilation. With the guarantee of a well sealed skylight, the possible uses are endless, as there are few architectural situations where added light from the sky would not be welcome.