Hot New Trends in Bathroom Design

This past week we had the privilege of attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.  It was great to see the hot new trends in plumbing, tile and cabinetry.  We saw everything from 3D tiles from Ann Sacks, to amazing new quartz products from Cambria.

One trend that we noticed repeatedly was the addition of an LED light bar in bathroom vanities.  Aside from its cool appearance, this is also a functional element, acting like a night light for those middle of the night trips to the bathroom.  In the past, this would have been hard to do as traditional light sources can be large or get very hot, creating a fire hazard.  Now with the new LED lighting technology, the components are small and the diodes emit almost no heat, allowing the electrical components to be buried.  This eliminates that danger of being near water as well as they are able to remain completely separate.

Check out the cool ways they are incorporating lights into vanities below.