"Great" Interior Design

Good What is wrong with ‘good’?

Is "Good" good enough?  Why would we at Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group say ‘good ‘ is not good enough for our interior design clients?  Is doing a ‘Good ‘ job –an example of quality work?  Is providing ‘good’ client service - appropriate?

If our team asks our vendors for a ‘good’ client installation-a ‘good product or a ‘good’ delivery, how will these key parts of an installation perform?  Is the statement  ‘it looks good’  a compliment?

This week I heard a succinct quote which sums up the standards here at Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group.

“Good is the enemy of great”-David Foster (record producer & leader in the music industry)

6 words pack a lot of power.

Many of our clients wonder when we pause , frown and shake our heads-at a point in the design process and say "we can do better”.

If a design ingredient  is  likable-that is much different than exceptional.

If a trades person does a good job—what than did he or she NOT do for a great job?

We have never met - nor will we—but I thank you David Foster, for defining our business approach-so succinctly

Good is the enemy of great—and what a ‘great’ philosophy.