Color can be your best friend. Or not. Benjamin Moore is teaming with Dwell magazine in a truly effective demonstration FOR HOW color influences a room. The vignatettes are so fun; the editors of Dwell showcased the same rooms with completely different colors. Pink walls instead of olive green? Charcoal instead of white? How about placing royal blue with sunshine yellow?

Dwell Studio - Benjamin Moore

Technology can assist a personal decision for color of walls check out this link for Sherman Williams. You can upload your own room photo and apply paint colors virtually.

Although tools like this are helpful, there is no substitute for placing color in your space in different light (cloudy, sunny-day and night) will all influence what your eye will see.

We recommend creating samples on 2 opposing walls in your space and then live with it for a few days. Keep the formula on the paint can and number it on the wall.View the wall samples at different times of the day

At Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, our designers will interview clients to find what their color comfort is in various rooms. After personal comfort light is key.

Bedroom with Venetian Plaster

Master Bedroom with Blue Walls

We show for example 2 bedrooms: soft blue worked in 1 space, while vivid orange transformed another bedroom. The orange can cocoon a room for one person yet shout or disturb another.

We invite you to share your paint stories, questions or comments.