Better Homes & Gardens' Annual Survey: Consumers' Home Priorities

This blog post features an interesting article from Better Homes and Gardens' featuring their annual survey which "shows shrinking interest in smaller homes and continued emphasis on affordability and energy efficiency". Click her to read the full article from Better Homes and Gardens' .

According to BHG's survey, the top-ranking features that consumers want in their next home include:

  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems (89%)
  • High-efficiency appliances (85 %)
  • Deck or patio (84%)
  • Low-maintenance exteriors (79%)

Although square footages may be slowly creeping upward again, consumers are still prioritizing living spaces. For their next homes, the survey found consumers most want:

  • Separate laundry room (81%)
  • Additional storage space , such as walk-in closets or built-ins (79%)
  • Home office, workspace, or family computing center (67%)
  • Outdoor drilling or living area (67%)
  • At least one additional bedroom with an ensuite bathroom (65%)
  • Everyday eating space in or near the kitchen (64%)

67% of consumers want a home office or workspace in their next home purchase.

67% of consumers want a everyday eating space in or near the kitchen.
85% of consumers want high-efficiency appliances.