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Generations Divides Highlighted in Home Design Part 2

The next demographic of people highlighted in the UNcontained exhibit is “Forever Fit”, featuring “the Zoomers”.  Zoomers are defined as people in the baby boomer generation who are nearing retirement age but still live active lifestyles.  The zoomers want their homes to not only look cool and be highly designed, but also allow them to age in place.

The forever fit pod showcases the active and trendy lifestyle of the "Zoomer" generation


Generational Divides Highlighted In Home Design Part 1

Never before have so many generations been alive and in the work place simultaneously, each with such distinct needs and personalities.  The generational divide is evident in nearly every aspect of our society, including how we design our homes, and really, how we live in our homes.

At the recent Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, we learned not just about cool new products but also about the needs of the different generations of consumers.  In an exhibit entitled UNcontained, they displayed five “containers” each designed with a distinct type of consumer in mind.  This education is an important tool to getting into the psyche of our clients and helping to give them the kind of home they seek.  We will show you each of these distinct containers in five different blog posts- stay tuned!

The first, entitled “New Hip Home” reflected the style of a recent college grad (part of their “GEN NOW” generation 18-34): Single, living alone for the first time, needing a little parental support and working in his first job.

HIP New Home

Recent studies showed that 88% of those in “Gen Now” want to live in Urban areas.  This urban population tends to like loft style and open concept homes with less defined boundaries for rooms.  They want to purchase furnishings that can come with them from place to place.  This consumer is also different in that they are immersed in information such as blogs, HGTV and even Pinterest, which gives them inspiration and helps them have a better understanding of design.  They are early adopters of cool new trends and technology and aren’t afraid to be a little adventurous.  Sounds like a fun client!

Next up: Forever Fit.