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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Celebrating Incredible Artistry

Last night I attended a party at the magnificent Waldorf Astoria Chicago hotel to showcase the incredible works of R&B Faux Studio, Inc.  The artists Renata and Bozena create magnificent faux finishes using cool textures, bold colors and great finishes.  Below are some pics of the party as well as some of my favorite boards. Enjoy!


This finish was created using different textures and building up patterns around various stencils and then doing a painted finish over the plasters.

This textures mimics that dotted effect of Shagreen (sting ray skin)


Amazing Pillows Inspired by Nature’s Hardest Materials

While looking through all the beautiful images on Houzz, I stumbled upon these cool pillows/ottomans and had to share!  A rock is most certainly an odd inspiration for these soft, wooly pillows.  Maybe that is what makes them so cool?  The natural, organic shapes and neutral colors are perfect with many design styles.  Check out some great images of these fun pillows and ottomans!

These amazing rock cushions by Smarin are beyond cool!


What was old is new again- Timeless elegance at a Chicago landmark

As I discussed in a recent blog, sometimes the most beautiful aspects of interior design aren’t the ones you see straight ahead, but rather, above you.  A beautiful ceiling can be the difference between an average room and a magnificent one.  Take for example, this incredible Chicago landmark.

The gorgeous Tiffany glass mosaic ceiling


“Blown” Away!

I recently returned from a great trip to San Antonio.  While I was there, I saw some incredible sights in the area, including the gorgeous river walk.  Originally built in 1941, this urban oasis sits below street level and is a lush park ground area with beautiful paths, tinkling waterfalls and outdoor art.  It received a major expansion and restoration in the last decade and is now a popular spot for weddings and events as well.

The beautiful river walk

I also toured a wonderful glass blowing studio/shop and got to learn about the process of creating some exquisite glass art pieces.

The exterior shot of the workroom at this amazing glass blowing studio.

The first step of the "blowing" process.

The vase is placed in the furnace several times to heat and mold the glass, then heated repeatedly with a blow torch and manipulated to a flat bowl shape.

And the finished products…

The finished product!

I often use art glass in my client’s homes and found it absolutely fascinating to watch these artisans create such intricate, beautiful designs out of such delicate materials.  What an art form!