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Basement Design with Great Lighting

To add to our series on basements  today’s post from Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group is a focus on basement lighting.

One challanging aspect of a basement renovation can be the lighting.  This basement design got it right which was featured on Apartment Therapy New York!

In this West Village duplex basement it’s hard to believe that with all the light, you are actually in a basement.  “By using a mix of floor lamps, under-shelf and ledge lights and ceiling lamps. The light bounces around the space.”  Read the full article here.


Featured Product: Sustainable Custom Furniture

Deb Reinhart Interior Design Groups’ featured product this month is Clayton Oxford Designs,  a family-run business that designs and manufactures home furnishings and accessories  made of sustainable materials.

Clayton Oxford Mission
To bring cutting-edge design to the furniture marketplace through sustainable and environmentally-conscious means without sacrificing quality and maintaining terrific value.

  • Products are eco-friendly
  • Made from sustainable natural fibers and materials from the indigenous regions in which they are produced
  • All products are exchanged at “fair market” values and go to support the local craftsmen and struggling economic communities in places such as the Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam,and Africa.

Check out Clayton Oxford Design for more products.

Coffee Table

Deb Reinhart in Chicago Home and Garden Magazine

Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group is proud to be featured in this month’s issue of Chicago Home & Garden.

Our bedroom design was featured in a series on color.

“In less able hands, bright colors such as the ones in this room by Deb Reinhart ( might seem childish.  But when combined in sophisticated accents, fuchsia, turquoise, and lime evoke just the right sense of fun.  Maintaining a roughly equal representation of each member of this trio is key to pulling it off.”

Pick up the new issue of Chicago Home and Garden to see the full article!



Basement Remodeling & Decorating Ideas

With all the flooding this year, it may be a perfect time to think about remodeling your basement.

This blog from Interior holic has some great suggestions for basement remodeling.

Your basement can be turned into anything depending on your needs. Provided with a good sound insulation the basement can become a great music studio for rehearsals and recording. It can also become an entertainment area.

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Your Own Bar The bar stand and couple of seats can make a great place to hang out with friends without going outside your home. You can also set up a pool table there for ultimate bar-effect and for your own entertainment.

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Your Own Cinema A living room is one thing but when you want to really immerse into the world of film this would be a great place to hide from the chores and grab a cupful popcorn and watch some good movie. Big screen and soft sofas will create a very intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Guest Room If your basement is quite spacious then it can become a great guest room with additional bath and even a fireplace. Anytime your relatives or friends would want or need to stay over it will serve them a great guest room.