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Interior Design Product of the Week

Natural light-sky lights by Velux.

Velux introduces a skylight which gurantees no leak!

As we approach the dark winter months in much of the country; increasing the natural light in our homes can affect how we feel.  SAD – seasonal affected disorder, is a proven cause for depression and lethargy.  A skylight can offer more light than a window.  Positioning a skylight is key, however a southwest facing skylight can increase heat in the home, fade furnishings & cause glare for activity.

Choose the appropriate exposure for your home – and whether the skylight needs to open or not for ventilation.  Note: the warranty from this vendor will include installation instructions; use caution to follow the vendors recommendations to avoid voiding the warranty.

The no-leak skylight for fuss-free illumination by Velux.

Click to read the full blog by 3rings Designer Pages .

The “No-Leak” skylight. Designed by Velux.

Velux has created a guaranteed “No-Leak” skylight that takes the fear out of installing skylights. The “No-Leak” skylight has three layers of water protection as well low-e glass for better energy efficiency, light transmittance and solar heat gain. Velux offers a fixed skylight, a manually opening skylight and an electrically operating skylight depending on the need for ventilation. With the guarantee of a well sealed skylight, the possible uses are endless, as there are few architectural situations where added light from the sky would not be welcome.

Children’s Art as a Interior Design Feature

At Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, we love featuring  interior design information for children’s rooms!   Today we are featuring a guest blog post by Karen Barnett of Olee Kids.  We hope you enjoy this article about decorating your child’s room with the feature element being art!

Bring out the artist in your child!

A simple saying on the wall can be a focal point in a room like this quote from Pablo Picasso. Bring out the artist in your child by hanging their artwork from a clothesline, or purchase a dry erase board or chalkboard so that they can color or write messages. Frame a few extra special pieces and build an entire room around an artistic theme. Consider making each wall a different color, and use your child’s handprints to really make the space unique.

At Olee Kids, we know how fast children grow, and for that reason, we offer a complete line of affordable and removable wall decals that can be changed in a snap!

All of these items, and many more can be purchased at We also offer custom designs, and can make a life-size wall graphic out of your digital photograph. Enjoy each and every stage of your child’s development.

Happy decorating!

Shark Tank Star – Barbara Cocoran

In the elegant newly refurbished Palmer House in Chicago, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney hosted a Womens  Leadership Iniative featuring Shark Tank Star

Barbara Cocoran, a real estate mogul in NY City and a key advisor to the Today Show.  Unique to this venue of 300 people was the fact Barbara Cocoran mingled with the audience for almost 2 hours before her presentation. Approachable, sincere and authentic, Barbara held nothing back. I am shameless to admit-I did get my photo taken with her–

Her stories were priceless, her success undisputed and her giggling confidence disarmed the audience. The biggest take away was that she was most successful in a down turn; she did not make money in economic booms. Unique in today’s economy she noted, was that for the first time interest rates and real estate prices are as low as anyone has seen-and both at the same time. Her signal BUY!

Best of all Shark Tank returns in January 2011!

This was a first class evening; delicious food, gorgeous setting,  and a powerful speaker Babara Cocoran.

Congratulations to MSSB!

Chicago Interior Designers Team with Chicago Home & Garden

Deb Reinhart, ASID invites you to attend a stellar event this Wednesday 9-22-2010 at the Chopping Block located in the Merchandise mart, hosted by the Chicago Home and Garden. The evening includes interior designers as well as consumers who have a design challenge to solve.

Jan Parr,  the editor of Chicago Home and Garden will introduce the event beginning at 6PM.  Chicago Home and Garden has been a leader in interior design forecasting in the Midwest showcasing local designers as well as discovering wonderful unique sources available to their readers.

ASID interior designers who were featured in the CH+G September magazine will attend the evening to reply to design dilemmas posed by the consumers

Food is catered by the Chopping Block; the evening promises to be fun and informative with unique appetizers..

Contact CH+G for reservations.

Chicago Luxury Builders, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects

PowerHouse SMART Symposium

Chicago Interior designers, luxury home builders, Chicago lenders and North Shore  real estate professionals attended a business symposium created by PowerHouse Advisers and hosted by Lewis Carpet in Northfield. Power House Advisers is a unique consulting firm which targets the luxury home building market place by bringing the leaders of this industry together for business development. Wendy Cohen, founder of Power House Advisors, led the Social Media Marketing Now!  symposium along with tech advisers to  create a road map for effective social media applications. blog will have a summary report.

Linked in, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were all discussed in the context of their applications and market share. The key to this program is the consumer friendly dialogue with information relevant to both sides of social media-the audience as well as the business. Specific tips from this Strategies Symposium will be posted in tomorrow’s blog.

New to PowerHouse Smart, Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, Inc looks forward to building a network of professionals lead by a very unique consulting firm PowerHouse Advisers.

Timeless Interior Design: Classical Shapes & Silhouettes

Check out this great blog post by one of our preferred interior design vendors Pagoda Red!

Pagoda Red is specializes in 19th century Chinese furniture and decorative arts for the home and garden.  This is a wonderful article about classic forms & silhouettes in Chinese ceramics.  These ceramics are just one example of  how classic interior design becomes timeless.

Click here to read the full article on these simply classic forms.

“Great” Interior Design


What is wrong with ‘good’?

Is “Good” good enough?  Why would we at Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group say ‘good ‘ is not good enough for our interior design clients?  Is doing a ‘Good ‘ job –an example of quality work?  Is providing ‘good’ client service – appropriate?

If our team asks our vendors for a ‘good’ client installation-a ‘good product or a ‘good’ delivery, how will these key parts of an installation perform?  Is the statement  ‘it looks good’  a compliment?

This week I heard a succinct quote which sums up the standards here at Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group.

“Good is the enemy of great”-David Foster (record producer & leader in the music industry)

6 words pack a lot of power.

Many of our clients wonder when we pause , frown and shake our heads-at a point in the design process and say “we can do better”.

If a design ingredient  is  likable-that is much different than exceptional.

If a trades person does a good job—what than did he or she NOT do for a great job?

We have never met – nor will we—but I thank you David Foster, for defining our business approach-so succinctly

Good is the enemy of great—and what a ‘great’ philosophy.