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Streeterville Town Home Drapery Installation

The Streeterville town home is featured in our blog again. Pictured on this video is the installation of drapery panels in the great room. While the treatment looks simple, it actually took a fair amount of thought. The owner liked his view – and mandated none of the windows be blocked. A critical limitation is the built in cabinet flanking the fireplace, did not allow  for draperies to be placed on this side of the window.  Having stated the criteria (the owners preferences and the limiting built-in), we definitely felt draperies would complete the presence of these tall stately windows.

Our solution was tailored to the architecture, which is to say-we fabricated a cascaded panel asymmetrically on each side of the window. The rod was a hammered metal which was congruent to the ethnic flavor of the space.

Dry-Erase Whiteboard Paint!

Working with a young family on a remodel of their home, I was aware the children often were tired after lengthy team conversations in this construction zone. I brought water based erasable magic markers and suggested they create an ‘archeological dig” in their closets.  They could messages on the unfinished dry wall in their closets and 100 years from now others can find out who live there. Before I knew it they had drawn a horizontal line on the perimeter of the entire home – every wall, every room. Luckily this was not an issue no walls had been painted, but for those creative children here is a new product. The award winning new product IdeaPaint, dry erase paint (surpasses chalk board paint, in my opinion – no chalk dust!)

Beyond Children’s Rooms this idea can be applied in home offices, workspaces, hobby rooms, mud rooms, kitchen information areas or children’s rooms. This dry erase paint can be applied to walls or furniture.

The details for the dry erase paint are below.  If anyone has used this product or does purchase this, we would love to hear about the creative applications.

In the event you prefer water based erasable magic markers-we would be happy to send a fresh set to you!

Interior design is FUN!

From a Design Obstacle to a Design Element!

Idea Paint

Idea Paint

Idea Paint

Idea Paint

IdeaPaint is a dry-erase whiteboard paint that can be applied almost anywhere to create interactive, collaborative spaces. Paint entire conference rooms from floor to ceiling. Transform curved or angled walls into cool, useful work areas. Or turn tables, desks and cubicles into mini whiteboards.

IdeaPaint is incredibly cost effective versus traditional whiteboards and outperforms the leading dry-erase options. It’s also the most environmentally responsible commercial dry erase surface on the market.

IdeaPaint is available in two products that are ideal for work environments. IdeaPaint PRO, a solvent-based urethane coating and IdeaPaint CRE-8, a water-borne paint.

BUY IdeaPaint Online!

You need more reasons?

- Best of NeoCon & Metropolitan Home Design 100
- Interior Design Magazine’s Green Star Award
- Erases effortlessly
- No cracking, peeling, staining or yellowing
- Warranty-guaranteed


Color can be your best friend. Or not.

Benjamin Moore is teaming with Dwell magazine in a truly effective demonstration FOR HOW color influences a room. The vignatettes are so fun; the editors of Dwell showcased the same rooms with completely different colors. Pink walls instead of olive green? Charcoal instead of white? How about placing royal blue with sunshine yellow?

Dwell Studio - Benjamin Moore

Technology can assist a personal decision for color of walls check out this link for Sherman Williams. You can upload your own room photo and apply paint colors virtually.

Although tools like this are helpful, there is no substitute for placing color in your space in different light (cloudy, sunny-day and night) will all influence what your eye will see.

We recommend creating samples on 2 opposing walls in your space and then live with it for a few days. Keep the formula on the paint can and number it on the wall.View the wall samples at different times of the day

At Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, our designers will interview clients to find what their color comfort is in various rooms. After personal comfort light is key.

Bedroom with Venetian Plaster

City Beach House - Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom with Blue Walls

Lake Shore Drive Condo - Master bedroom

We show for example 2 bedrooms: soft blue worked in 1 space, while vivid orange transformed another bedroom. The orange can cocoon a room for one person yet shout or disturb another.

We invite you to share your paint stories, questions or comments.